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Lakes and water courses

From a haleutic and pisicultural point of view, the Haute-Vienne is divided into four, distinct sections: 1. The Basse Marche lakes – Gartempe Valley ("Lakes and Gartempe Country ") 2. The Vienne valley – Limoges ("A river in all its majesty") 3. Hills and Dams – Lake Vassivière ("Hills and Dams and the plateau de Millevaches water courses") 4. Limousin chestnut groves - Périgord Limousin PNR ("multiple water country").

The Vienne Valley - Limoges

Downstream of Limoges, the Vienna river becomes important, broader and deeper, it is home to virtually all fish species

The Basse Marche - the Gartempe Valley

In the north of the Haute-Vienne, the Basse Marche plateau flattens out (250m altitude). This plateau develops hollows which favour the rivers that cross the plateau from east to west…

Hills and dams - Lake Vassivière

The country Mountains and Dams located between the Haut-Limousin and Millevaches plateau corresponds to the end of the Massif Central Northwest called "Mountain Limousine"

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