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Running or still water is plentiful in rivers, lakes and ponds: in total 7,000 km of waterways, of which there are 300 km 2nd class and 6,700 km 1st class. An angler’s dream! Country of the trout and the grayling, the Haute Vienne also offers magnificent cyprinid and carnivorous circuits on green river banks.

Lakes and water courses

From a haleutic and pisicultural point of view, the Haute-Vienne is divided into four, distinct sections: 1. The Basse Marche lakes – Gartempe Valley ("Lakes and Gartempe Country ") 2. The Vienne valley – Limoges ("A river in all its majesty") 3. Hills and Dams – Lake Vassivière ("Hills and Dams (...)

Les parcours de pêche

Amoureux de la truite « fario sauvage », de la carpe ou du brochet, de nombreux parcours de pêche facilement accessibles vous attendent…

Fishing permits and regulations

For information on maps and fishing regulations: the Haute-Vienne Federation for fishing and protection of the aquatic environment

Fishing guides

Fishing guides offer graduates to help you discover the riches of their fisheries department

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