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Regional nature parks

The Haute-Vienne has 2 regional natural parks. In the southwest the PNR Périgord Limousin: Its historic and patrimonial wealth and the variety of its landscapes make it a passionate discovery. It’s a preserved territory of human dimensions. In the east the PNR Millevaches en Limousin climbs the first buttresses of the Massif Central. The diversity of its flora and fauna benefits from vast spaces protected by moors, forests and peat bogs… The high plateau of a thousand springs is seeded with granite villages.

Périgord Limousin Regional Natural Park (PNR)

Created in 1998, the Périgord Limousin Regional Natural Park’s object is the durable development of the territory by protecting and promoting its natural, cultural and architectural heritage.

Millevaches Regional Natural Park (Eng: thousand springs) en Limousin

Millevaches Regional Natural Park (Eng: thousand springs) en Limousin: a thousand springs, a thousand resources!

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