All our paths lead to you

Hills, woods, lakes…

The Haute-Vienne benefits from an environment of exceptional quality. Its landscapes are characterised by open spaces and farmland crossed by a large river network dotted with numerous lakes. Its remarkable variety of milieus shelters a wide selection of flora and fauna: gorges and valleys, dry moors and grasslands, heaths and lakes, woods (which cover ¼ of the département) and farmland…

Regional nature parks

The Haute-Vienne has 2 regional natural parks. In the southwest the PNR Périgord Limousin: Its historic and patrimonial wealth and the variety of its landscapes make it a passionate discovery. It’s a preserved territory of human dimensions. In the east the PNR Millevaches en Limousin climbs the (...)

Parks and gardens

The Haute-Vienne loves flowers. Every year the ’Flowered Town and Villages’ campaign rewards towns and private individuals who have made the best of their flowers and gardens. Around 20 of them are open to visitors.

Nature and Discovery Spaces

The Haute-Vienne ’Nature and Discovery Spaces’ are a network of particular natural spaces in the département accessible to visitors. The selected sites are important environmentally and are interesting both educationally and for (...)

Haute-Vienne landscapes

Exploring Haute-Vienne landscapes reveals closeness, sometimes even intimacy: here rocky outcrops in the bend of a valley or climbing road, there waterfalls that sparkle in the middle of rocks and trees, and elsewhere dense forests and wet moors where peat moss and xxx flower; and many more (...)

Natural heritage sites

In a census, the Regional Department for the Environment counted 1 national nature reserve (the Dauges Peatbogs), 6 Biotope Protection decrees, 13 Natura 2000 sites, 1 Regional nature reserve.

Limousin ’Great lakes’

Surrounded by unspoilt nature, the ’great lakes’ provide verdant beaches.

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