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Châlucet Château

Châlucet Château Châlucet fortress is one of the major heritage sites in the Limousin. The ruins are situated on the summit of a rocky outcrop that juts out between La Briance and La Ligoure…

Memorial Centre and the martyr village of Oradour sur Glane

Memorial Centre and the martyr village of Oradour sur Glane On 10 June 1944, the population of the Limousin market town of Oradour-sur-Glane was massacred by a Waffen-SS company. The Memorial Centre explains this shocking historical event to visitors

Limoges, town of art and history

Limoges, town of art and history Town of art and history, capital of the ’fire arts’, Limoges is an opportunity to admire a collection that is unique in the world: 12,000 pieces of porcelain exhibited in the Adrien Dubouché Museum. Follow this with a visit to the Casseaux kiln, listed as a Historical Monument then visit the Beaux-Arts Museum for its superb collection of Limousin enamels from every era, impressionist paintings and Gallo-Roman objects.

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Escapade romantique en roulotte

Esprit nomade ou envie de romantisme pour une parenthèse enchantée à deux ? ...
2 days / 1 night from

Sur le rocher des druides

Parce que le Limousin est aussi une terre de rencontres, ne ratez pas celle-là ...
4 days / 3 nights from

Coccinelles et papillons !

Au programme aujourd’hui, activités grande nature et petites bêtes à la Cit...
3 days / 2 nights from

Les chemins ont des oreilles

Partez à dos d’ânes sillonner les sentiers du Limousin : toucher l'animal, l...
2 days / 1 night from
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