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Hills and Dams - Lac de Vassivière

The Limoges gate to the Plateau de Millevaches landscape or moors and peat lands where the country of art and history nestles.

Lac de Vassivière At once open, at once secret, this vast garden via a multitude of sunken paths will lead you to the heights of Mount Gargan or down to the rugged shores of Lac de Vassivière with its island of sculptures and its contemporary lighthouse. Springs, rivers, streams, ponds and large lakes; water in abundance gives the landscape a particular glamour and offers anglers many an occasion to exercise their passion.

The small, full of character towns of St Léonard de Noblat and Eymoutiers gathered around their abbeys (St Léonard Collegial listed as a UNESCO world heritage site) and the villages and hamlets around have all kept many of their traditional buildings. The architecture and materials used change as they approach the Limousine Mountains. The ’country of art and history’ guides are ready to explain everything to you.

Moulin de Noblat Noblat Mill - Land of creativity The Moulin du Got paper making techniques and the St Léonard porcelain techniques, the contemporary creations in the Espace Paul Rebeyrolle in Eymoutiers, the International Centre for art and landscapes on Vassivière Island and also local artisan productions lead you to the passionate universe of the local people. The Resistance Museum in Peyrat le Château, Mont Gargan and numerous steles show how this area is also a land of committed men.

Conviviality and events are on the menu with local product markets, the meat and breeders’ festivals (St Léonard), craft fairs as at Nedde on 14 July or at Linards (end of August), car boot sales, numerous exhibitions and concerts (St Léonard Musical Summer), Quebec Beaumont Festival, Storytelling Festival, Earth Blowers’ Festival…

Carte des Monts et Barrages Contact:
Pays Monts et Barrages - Lac de Vassivière
Le Château, 87460 BUJALEUF
Tel: 05 55 69 57 60

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